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General updates, price/portfolio reboot, exciting things coming...

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When 2015 began, I announced an intention to focus ever more fully on the couture side of corsetry. It has been a joy!

We feel so very fortunate this year to have been able to work on some stunning pieces with some wonderful individuals, and I cannot wait to share more of them with you... From bespoke bridal (one such piece will be revealed this Summer!), to collector's pieces, to secret gifts and self-directed projects, we've been awash with reasons to be happy, creative, and grateful.

My assistant Holly is a gem, we've met (and I hope, helped educate) many wonderful interns/students (some of whom are educating me in turn, about how to better value my work appropriately!), and personally I've been finding ever greater peace, quiet and work/life balance through living on (and redecorating) my lovely little narrowboat. After about eight years of intense study, work, and effort (I was privately studying corsetry for a couple of years before launching Sparklewren in 2009), it is almost strange to look up from my table and realise that it is okay if I have more of a life aside from corsetry. Other hobbies, free time, rest... Who knew that artists might be allowed to have the ordinary pleasures of life? Why did no-one tell me? (Disclaimer: they did, I just didn't fully believe them.)

Prices will be rising by the end of the month, as based upon renewed (and more accurate) timings of our labour. Orders placed before the 26th will be accepted at the current pricing level (see the corsetry and bridal pages for a sense of our price point).

Our portfolio and prices are due a reboot. We also have an exciting idea for an Autumn/Winter bespoke project that I am sure some of you will want to be involved in (at this stage, I am anticipating there being three spaces available, so begin saving your pennies now).

And lastly, we are taking little pockets of holiday this summer. I will be unavailable from 27th June until 7th July, and am hoping to spend the week either boating or blitzing some DIY! Emails will be dealt with upon my return.

Design sketch for a new client.

Design sketch for a new client.