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Juki industrial sewing machine for sale

So there are a couple of equine science modules that I would like to study (hooray for distance learning!) and if we found a new home for my unused Juki DU-1181N industrial (selling for £700, based in Birmingham UK) I could just about afford it... 

Please share with anyone who may be interested! This machine is part of my Spring Clean Sale. 

Here's a little bit of blurb that I posted on my Facebook profile. Because I had it set up for binding it would be nice to see it go to a corsetmaker who could use it in that way... Indeed, if you're someone who makes (or hopes to make) multiple ready-to-wear corsets each week then this would be amazing for you! Just think... nice, quick, pristine, antique-inspired binding. How delicious! 


Drop me an email if interested: