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Minimal Corsetry - the pattern



Traced this out the other day, and assistant Holly cut some ecru coutil for a toile. There are facing pieces also (not shown). Will be interesting to see how the shape comes out. And I am once again wishing that one of my friends was still in Birmingham, not only for chats and niceness, but also as she was the perfect muse/model for developing new designs. Ah well, the interesting people end up scattered around the world, such is life. 

I am considering exterior casings for this experiment in minimal corsetry. They give a clean and simple aesthetic, are neater than interior casings (in my opinion), will allow me to use many steels (as is my preference), and may help keep the corset reasonably contemporary (or at least with a flavour of 1890s onwards) rather than looking like stays. Though that might be no bad thing anyway, people have long enjoyed "hybrid" designs in which elements of corsetry from different eras are combined (eg: stays upper with Edwardian hips, or similar). 

I can foresee binding this corset to be quite irksome (the slits are not unlike "tabs", notoriously annoying to bind), but I think I may have a solution to that anyway... An idea which could get too bulky, but with a single layer of fine coutil it might work.