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The Home of Shy Passions

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you how Sparklewren made you feel. Kindly many of you replied, sharing that your pretty little corsets and personal bridal gowns made you feel feminine, special, as though you had a secret...

A while before that, I asked on my facebook page what your passions were, aside from corsetry. The resulting thread is an absolute treat to read. Sometimes it seems as though we are pulled away from the joyous things in life, by work, survival, troubles... But here you are, each expressing love for your passions.

Whether it be family life, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, riding, sewing, philosophy or economics... Whether it be a hobby, a vocation, or a daydream... You have this inner life, sometimes secret, in which you love things deeply. Perhaps you are unashamed in your passions. Or perhaps you feel foolish and shy about them. Either way, these are the things that make you tick. The treasures that nourish you. And I love learning about them.

So I have created a little space here for us to share these passions. I would absolutely love it if you would comment below telling me all about your hobbies.

And so that you don't feel shy or silly, I will share mine first...

My work is obviously a passion. Or rather, a combination of passions. I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and become somewhat frustrated if they aren't occupied in some useful task. Likewise, I have always been very visual, and so if I'm not observing the outside world with focus you can be sure I'm daydreaming very visually on the inside instead. My friend Vicky, at school, would always ask what was wrong... But there was never anything wrong, I was just daydreaming about something and apparently had a melancholy resting face!

So, being creative, whatever form it takes, is a passion. But that much was surely obvious.

My other primary interest is in thinking about why we are the way we are. I'm not especially knowledgeable on philosophy, but if I distill the little I do know down I feel that the overall lesson learned is one of kindness. The world isn't kind, it's just a series of processes and accidents. Bad things will happen and we don't get out alive. But we can be kind, having developed the capacity for empathy with suffering, whether great or small. Often though, people aren't kind. They're too hard, too quick to judge, too intolerant of difference. I'm by no means perfect in this, no-one can be. But kindness is a passion in the sense that it occupies my thoughts often and I want to be better at it.

The third passion I will share today is the one I, oddly enough, feel most vulnerable about. Horses! I was a horsey child, one of those mad girls galloping around the playground, and was lucky enough to have a gorgeous pony through my teenage years. But it all slipped away come the university years and as a young adult I convinced myself horses were a thing of the past. That I wasn't the right sort of person, didn't have the money, didn't deserve them (though I don't think life is actually about what you do or don't "deserve"). This is a passion that I have denied myself for years, perhaps by telling myself that the others (art and kindness) were "worthy" since they put something of value into the world for others' benefit. Whilst this was pure selfishness, and only for the benefit of myself. But now, years later, I look at my acquaintances who have horses and fresh air in their lives and feel sad that I let that side of myself slip away.

This is Freddie. It was my pleasure to call him mine all through my teenage years. Now on long-term loan, he is middle-20s, and I get to visit him once or twice a year. He's a sweetheart.

This is Freddie. It was my pleasure to call him mine all through my teenage years. Now on long-term loan, he is middle-20s, and I get to visit him once or twice a year. He's a sweetheart.

This latter is a passion being slowly rekindled. I don't know where it will go, but I'm glad to have recognised it in myself and to already feel happier as a result. And this is one of the reasons that I would love to know more about your passions. Because I know, firsthand, that we often keep our most deeply felt daydreams private. Even when there's no reason to, except our own sense of foolishness!

So please tell me about yourselves.

Take 5 minutes to scribble about your passions, why not? Indulge in a little daydream :-)