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When you're sick but you're well enough to complain about it...

The weekend was beautiful. Glorious weather, ponies on Saturday and a photoshoot on Sunday. I was tired, but otherwise merry. Then Sunday evening... struck down with food poisoning. Yucky. Very very unwell.  

Am improving now (clearly, otherwise I wouldn't be taking the time to whinge about it), though still nauseous and my temperature is all over the place. Cancelled work today, unsure about making it to the stables tomorrow. Yesterday was pretty horrific and I haven't really eaten since Sunday night (the thought of food right now is horrible). Not ideal. Even tea is making me want to vomit, yuck. 

But anyway thought I'd share a couple of my favourite polaroids, that Kari and I took on Sunday. I was on my X-E1, but Kari brought loads of instant film, two polaroid cameras, and I had my scrappy old polaroid too. Love instant photos. Lingerie by Karolina Laskowska, model Yazzmin Newell. 

Shiny images, sick Sparklewren. The sublime and the ridiculous. 

Shiny images, sick Sparklewren. The sublime and the ridiculous.