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Cyclamen - 18" - coming this year

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Cyclamen - 18" - coming this year


An opulent overbust corset with clean lines, made from a richly deep pink silk duchesse. Embellishment to be discovered. 

Up to three instalments possible, email to discuss: 

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Cyclamen Butterfly

A rich pink overbust with butterfly bustline and busk fastening. 26" bust (7" up from waist, 18" waist, 27" hip (6" down from waist). The hip gores are lightly padded for structure, whilst a wealth of steel boning and light antique-inspired construction gives a supremely elegant, slender, shape. Read on for the story of this corset. 

December 2016...

The "Fe" cincher, to show this beautiful colour and ideas for fool's gold embellishment. 

The "Fe" cincher, to show this beautiful colour and ideas for fool's gold embellishment. 

When I first decided to spend 2017 embellishing Moths and Butterflies, it was clear that I needed to play with some rich colours alongside my more usual muted choices. Hence the two different collections. This wildly rich cyclamen pink silk is just so deliciously vibrant that it deserves to be amongst my Butterflies. It tips slightly to the blue side of pink as opposed to the orange side. In fact, "pink" doesn't even feel like the right word for it, the connotations of girlishness and frivolity are all wrong... This is a serious colour. 

At first I thought to finish this corset in a classic manner. Black symmetric antique lace, crystals, sequins, beads, and a touch of intricate flossing. Much like the Cranberry Butterfly that I made for Lucy all those years ago, though her's did not have beading. I love quirky details, but sometimes all you want is a classic combination of a bold colour and black lace. Part of it is that I can get easily distracted by unusual combinations as they're new. Their very newness is what makes them interesting. But one then mustn't forget that there is a reason the classics are considered such. Even so, my initial conviction that the Cyclamen Butterfly would have black lace was shaken by the Fe cincher... 

Lovely Lucy in her Cranberry Butterfly from a few years ago. 

Lovely Lucy in her Cranberry Butterfly from a few years ago. 

"Fe" for "ferrum", iron. It could have been FeS2 (iron pyrite), but there's no need for names to be quite so literal. This was made as part of our Where Angels Fear to Tread project and has given us many ideas for future colour combinations and embellishment options. 

Inspired by Fe, another idea might be to finish this Butterfly with pyrite (fool's gold) beading, metallic lace, and drapery of rose-gold chain. I think a criss-crossing symmetry with plenty of chain to dance and shimmer whilst the wearer moves would be splendid. 

But how to choose? 

As of this moment, I can feel myself tipping towards the fool's gold. Partly because we also have a ruby red scoop-neckline Butterfly to come during 2017, and I feel like that is the one that should be an exceptionally classic design. After all, what's more classic than black lace on red satin? 

Lucy's bespoke corset, shown to the right, is a lovely example of that classic combination. Our Cyclamen Butterfly is a more slender cut but with higher butterfly "wings" soaring above the bust, so it has a different type of drama. But which way to take it? 

Watch this space. 






January 2017... 

This is one of the furthest along butterfly corsets, at the moment, with steels, eyelets and binding (pic to the left shows before the binding was finished though). 

We're fluttering back and forth between many pieces at the moment. How I fancy spending a day of corsetmaking really depends upon which way the wind is blowing! And our butterflies and moths are so very different... 

I was thinking the other day about how "pink" isn't just "pink". This cyclamen pink silk duchess is a very different beast to the pale barely-there pink of the Sophie Hallette lace that we're using on a few of our moths. 



March 2017... 

We finally took a moment to lace the Cyclamen Butterfly onto a mannequin. She is a more slender shape than the mannequin so this pic isn't a perfect illustration of her silhouette, but it gives an idea. Now that she's on a mannequin I'm swithering on embellishment ideas once again. I thought I'd known for sure what I wanted to do. Either fool's gold or classic black. But now I've got a third possibility in mind... 

Colour-matched embellishment of lace blossoms and something sparkly. Crystals or gemstones or coloured titanium quartz. Imagine something like the Amethyst corset, but in rich, bright, deep pink. 

Now I'm going off at a tangent though, as I'd love to do something else muted with gemstones again... Perhaps one of the Moth corsets will revisit those ideas.