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Heavenly Butterfly - 20" - coming soon

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Heavenly Butterfly - 20" - coming soon


An overbust corset of heavenly blue silk duchesse. Embellishment to be discovered. 

Up to three instalments possible, email to discuss: 

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Heavenly Butterfly

A beautiful shade of watery blue silk, with butterfly bustline and closed front. 27" bust (7" up from waist, 20" waist, 30" hip (6" down from waist). A wealth of steel boning and light antique-inspired construction gives this surprising corset a supremely elegant, slender, shape. Read on for the story of this corset. 

12th December 2016...

Heavenly is an interesting one... I am really torn between a symmetric black embellishment and something more tonal and watery.

One idea I have is for blue mother-of-pearl detailing, pearls, and possibly shells. You need an awful lot to get the effect, since mother-of-pearl is so subtle at a distance. And it would in particular be that pearlescent but striated effect that I wanted. Impossibly beautiful colours running into one another and shifting in the light. 

With all my Butterflies, I hope to do creative shoots before finding their owners. Perhaps that's how I should think of Heavenly, within the context of an image. What would the image be? What would I want to capture? I think that will help. 1