aesthetic art corsetry

Last Summer, we revealed our first Curated Corsetry Collection. Three unique designs offered bespoke for you, as part of the Falling Blossoms aesthetic. The first corset from this project has now been completed, delicious Bloom

Our second Curated Corsetry Collection was revealed in the New Year, in celebration of a carefree 2015 and a glorious 2016 to come. It is called Where Angels and is in progress now. 

These projects have now closed. But you can follow our curated collections on the blog. These are beautiful heirloom garments designed to let you feel like the best version of yourself. We love being part of that feeling. We also love ponies... Or rather Jenni does, which is why we will be taking a year "off" soon! 

Thus, August 2016 is the last point for bespoke orders to be accepted, so get in touch asap.

During our year off we intend to create a single, couture, one-of-a-kind corset each month. Alongside this Jenni will be studying and volunteering with horses, a childhood passion reignited. We can't wait!